Finished! The aquarium is to the house!

The fish have now been living in their new aquarium for a couple of days. No picture yet, because the pool does not quite please my eyes.

The new apple tree branches have also dissolved a little yellow, so the picture would not be the best. I also donated a large pile of plants, and I would search for new plants in the pool: rust, rickshaw, and some shallow foreground. Tetra would miss the flock a bit.

How did you start your hobby?

I’m wondering how other aquarists have started this hobby?

Mine may not have been the most common.

One fateful night, I dreamed of an aquarium with beautiful fish. The dream was so real, that in a couple of days, I was sitting and reading all about the aquarium fish, and the plants I could find.

I got an old 100-liter pool with a couple of dozens from my schoolmate. I got the techniques needed with the tank, and so the fish arrived.

And on that road there now, after a long pause, 300 liters in the corner of the living room.

The book is still in the hands, though this time it’s a new aquarium plant book.

And what has changed?

Sometimes it feels like nothing, on the other hand, the inside filters have changed to the outside, the pool bigger a couple of times, and the feeling that the hobby is getting more expensive all the time.

Maybe it’s a sign of something. If something I’ve learned so fiddling with water and drying floors.