Problems with Aquarium Snails and Overgrown Plants

The aquarium has been in use for a couple of months now.

Dwarf hygro (Hygrophila polysperma) is growing at a rapid rate. I should do some harvesting as they obscure all light.

Snails are also increasing at a rapid rate. I need to have some snail-eating fish in my tank, probably. Any Yo-Yo or Clown Loach would hopefully control the population of snails.

Platys continue to breed, after a break for a week, but the water changeover started it again.

I got more platys from a friend. I was afraid the bigger ones would eat them, but yes, there seemed to be at least eleven still alive yesterday.

I also bought an aerator pump while shopping, pretty hard to keep up. Particularly in the evenings, when the other sounds are muted, the buzzing is a little tiring.

However, a shelf may not be the best platform. Hollow shelves seem to increase pump resonance.

Some fish seem to like the bubbles from the aerator. They get from the bottom to the surface with the bubbles, swim back to the bottom and come up with the stream again.

I will change the order of the plants shortly. The fish tank does not look good yet, and Dwarf hygro causes headaches. I’m not sure I’ll leave it in the pool at all.

On the other hand, it looks really good when it grows well, but at some point I always find that it has taken almost the entire pool.

I woke up to the idea of ​​buying new plants for the whole tank. Or maybe a new tank. Then I started to think that for a moment …

Maybe now is the time to get new lamps for the pool. The lower plants in the bottom are in poor condition and clearly not getting enough light.