Getting rid of extra plants

The month of June has already begun. Yes, time goes by quickly. I’m on sick leave; it’s an excellent time to update the blog a bit.

The first tetra pair spawn was in this pool already after a week.

Usually, I feed fish once a day, but now when I have time (not working full time), I feed a new pool twice a day and spawning began immediately.

Today, half of the tetras are in beautiful spawning colors, although the temperature in the pool is a couple of degrees less than usual.

I gave away a bunch of plants that had grown well in the old pool, and I didn’t want to fill the new pool with them right away.

I have a little love-hate relationship with some of those plants. It is nice and beautiful when the plant grows slowly and stays in its reserved area. But then when those cuttings are pushed in, at every point, and in the middle of other plants, the nerves go.

Here you can read more about best aquarium plants.

I was supposed to give away a few plants, but somehow there were only a couple of bundles left in the pool.

And I am still without riccia.

Last week a little Topaz arrived in my pool. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good picture of that nimble and busy guy. As the picture might make it clear, it has a greenish-gray color and hardly any yellow. It’s still small, but the zucchini gets devoured.