Designing the Interior of the Aquarium

It’s time to design the interior of my new aquarium.

When decorating, I do not draw in advance any plan on how to put plants and rocks, etc.

There is something in my mind that I would like the aquarium to look.

I made a photo collage containing ideas of what I would like.

I’m planning on putting a larger bump in the back corner with lots of protruding twigs and rocks, preferably red.

There would be open space around the bump and bare sand for the catfish to swaddle.

I wish I could find some red or brown plants. I want some shallow plant on the edge of the basin, but I don’t know what yet.

The idea would also be to build stone pillars in the aquarium. So that I would drill a hole through the stones, from which I would insert a plastic tube into which I glue the stones. Finally, the pillars would be secured to the bottom of the basin. So they would be glued to the bottom glass.

In addition, the substrate of pool filter sand, but have to check if it has a natural look.

The back wall panels are now glued. There is still dust on the slabs from the slab saw because the slabs were too large without the pool being cut. For small fish, there are small caves made of slate and silicone.

Heat problems

The temperature outside (and inside) rises. The heat of the aquarium was already 30 degrees.

Raising the lamp higher and removing the lid from the plexiglass, positioning the filter outlet pipe so that water circulates as much as possible on the surface of the pool, and luckily, the temperature dropped to 28.5 degrees.

Hopefully, now everything survives for a while. Well, luckily, the heat increases the spawning tendency of lemon tetras, something bad, and something good.

New job

But I got a job, so the pool project hasn’t been as active as I’d hoped. I’ve had so much work to do, but it is only a temporary job.

The aquarium project is lagging behind schedule; I would have hoped to have the fish in the pool by now.

Well, anyway, now the backgrounds are glued, ground nutrients and sand laid. Also, stumps and a few rocks are on the bottom.

The pool does not yet look what I wish it would look like. I would like more apple tree twigs.

Of course, the color of the strains, some dry and some wet, adds to the confusion. Plants will undoubtedly improve the look, and the positions of the strains will probably change.

All in all, at this point it looks good!