Move to a New Place, Aquarium Breaks

I’ll be writing here for a long time. Much time has passed since the last post, and even more has happened.

The biggest change is probably the need to find a new aquarium.

There was an urgent move for a new job. The owner of my previous apartment put the apartment up for sale when he heard that I was moving, and I had to leave quicker than I had planned.

The move was so swift that the aquarium seemed to get knocked down. In the new apartment, it broke up. Now I’m exhausted, and have fatigue after moving.

Back to the aquarium. The gluing of the corners tore apart, as there were no frames in that kind of aquarium design.

Since I moved and started a new job, I had no time for the aquarium. The fish had to live in a small temporary tank until I gave them to a friend of mine who has several aquariums.

Little by little, I hope that I have time to engage properly and think about what kind of aquarium to set up next. And for this new one I’m thinking of putting led lights for a fish tank. I have to go over the pros and cons first.

Well, moving into a new space forces me to purchase quite a few new items anyway. The list of must-haves is very long.

There are lots of other things to do and buy after a move, like new furniture inside the house. And now that I have a nice patio, some outdoor furniture, and area rugs, and I need to take care of the small backyard garden, etc. Hopefully, I don’t need to buy new plants that much!

The new house is not properly designed for the installation of smart doorbells, thermostats, or smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors, etc. And as an engineer, this area is one of my interests, so I’ll spend some time on those first.

I’ve also been thinking about the transfer of this blog under a new title. More on that later. So that this post wouldn’t be complete without photos, I’ll post this beautiful aquarium photo from the free photo service, better than nothing.